Cell Phone Reception - Canada side.

There is no cell phone service reception in Port Renfrew. There has been known intermittant reception in the past in some very particular areas and at very particular times due to weather and other oddities. Do NOT depend on cell coverage.

West Coast Trail Cell Phone Coverage.

There has been noted cell phone coverage in the past from certain locations along the trail and with certain cell phone carriers along the beaches on the trail.  Over the years there has been reports of Verizon wireless, presumably via the Olympic peninsula picking up signals from Canada and routing them through American Networks at a pricey cost to your wallet. There is no sure place, time, or cell network that can be depended upon in an emerency. Areas with noted reception over the years Reports of Virgin Mobile (Canada) and a cell phone connected with “Telus” can communicate along most of the West Coast Trail. A “Rogers” phone was turned on a few times (always along the coast) and every time it had reception.

Emergency Serviecs and Cell Phones - Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew

NOTICE: Quoted from: BC Local News@ http://www.bclocalnews.com/news/209404411.html  “My understanding is there is no radio communication at all, from Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew, for the paramedics, something I see is a real safety hazard,” his email says. “I have heard the local ambulance service barely has any radio coverage in the Port Renfrew (area) at all.” Not so, explains an email from B.C. Ambulance Service spokesperson Kelsie Carwithen. “BCAS has a robust telecommunications system in place for the Marine Circle Route area,” she said. “This system ensures paramedics can communicate quickly and efficiently with each other, the BCAS Vancouver Island dispatch centre, hospitals, and other emergency service agencies.” In an emergency, she says, paramedics have access to several communication methods: a VHF radio system; satellite-phone capability in both the station and ambulance; and access to the Ministry of Transport radio system – a radio-to-telephone system. “BCAS maintains good ongoing business relationships with telephone/cellular providers, and we work closely with them to ensure consistent, high quality service,” Carwithen says Phone Booths. in Port Renfrew The Information Center has a pay phone as you enter town on the left hand side across from the Fire Hall. In Emergency across the street s the BC Ambulance Service as well as the Port Renfrew Fire Department. Port Renfrew Marina - (May 20th, 2016) The pay phone is installed but not working as yet. The Pacheedaht Campgrounds has a pay phone. The Port Renfrew Hotel has a pay phone.
Rogers Cell Phone Map
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